Happy New Gear!

Santa was kind to me this year. After many years of not really having any Christmas present ideas for myself (cos I'm an impulse buyer and buy everything I see), this year I had plenty of lovely running things to put on my list. Now that I've had the chance to get out on the... Continue Reading →

A River Runs Through It

    Amazing news! I have breached the 1 hour mark for 10k. Its taken 9 months of plodding the pavements and trail paths of Essex to get to this point and this past Tuesday I managed to sneak under the wire with about 40 seconds to spare. And where do you ask did this... Continue Reading →

Just Give Me The Numbers

I'm trapped! Trapped at 36,000 feet (or just over 10k) up in the air aboard Air Canada 855 from London to Vancouver. Why am I heading to BC? For the wedding of a friend (and instigator of my return to running), who will soon be massive in the realm of food blogging on all things free from... Continue Reading →

The mean streets of London

What a great event. As my only previous experience of running a 10k was a smaller race in Olympic Park, I was amazed by the number of people taking part in the Virgin Sport British 10k this past Sunday in Westminster. I knew from the emails I was receiving that there would be 10,000 people... Continue Reading →

All the Gear

It’s this week! My first goal, the Virgin Sport British 10k is this Sunday! Going back to January when I signed up it seemed so far in the future, but it’s here already. My race number and timing chip are ready to go. I have to be in Piccadilly at 8.30am on Sunday morning –... Continue Reading →

Perfect 10

I did it! Or at least I completed it. Sunday 14th May 2017, the day I took part in the Runthrough Olympic Park 10k and finished it! It’s difficult to judge how this stacks up against Mo Farah winning double Olympic gold at consecutive games or Usain Bolt’s triple double in the sprints – but for... Continue Reading →

But Out!

People are odd. The reactions you can get from people when taking on any sort of project can be curious to say the least. If you are also starting a project which involves weight loss, fitness and improving yourself then the reactions of those you know can seem to be amplified. Lucky for me my... Continue Reading →

Running in Circles

I spend 10 hours a day sitting behind a desk, I imagine at the very least that isn't great for your health while also being exceptionally boring. You have to think the whole office environment isn’t great for either attempting to, or staying healthy. The hours of sitting, (which equates to doing a long haul... Continue Reading →


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