When the Wolves Started Running

My timing is off. I really should have started this blog at the same time as starting my 2017 health kick. I guess at the time perhaps I didn’t think it would last and yet here I am almost 3 months later. So let’s start like all good TV shows with a ‘Previously on the Right Wolf Runs’

I know how this sounds, all this Good/Bad Wolf business just a little bit new age and hippy. If you know me then you probably wouldn’t recognise it as something I might think, as generally I’d been pretty cynical and quite negative around the people closest to me for a couple of years, hence the reason my wife and I were so grumpy with each other I suspect. Changes were needed and I had started a diet on 1st January but after 2 weeks I was as equally grumpy as ever, that was when a friend stepped in and suggested maybe running might be an idea as

1. Help with diet
2. Good for clearing the head and getting some perspective

Both great ideas, the same friend suggested that signing up for a 10k race – which in a bout of positivity meant that I actually signed up for the Olympic Park 10k in May 2017 to be followed by the British 10k in Westminster in July. Upon leaving work that very night I was prepared to run at weekends only wondering whether that would be enough to get me around the courses in less than an hour, it never crossed my mind that running in the evening during an English January was something I’d consider let alone do – and I wouldn’t have if not for a visit from some out of town house guests.

A little background is now needed, my wife let’s call her the she-wolf, had a relative o she had a very special relative. A relative who could have perhaps passed as a Disney Villain, with not a nice word to be said about anyone – an attitude which you could say was observed on their face such was the miserableness of their visage. I AM NOT EXAGERATING.

The good thing about relatives who don’t live nearby is that you don’t get many visits, the bad thing is that those visits when they do come are long! It was during one of those visits that my running revelation was about to begin. Coming home that night myself and the she-wolf were putting my son, let’s call him the cub to bed, he’s a cheeky one so generally takes both of us to get him anywhere near his den. After the usual messing around getting him settled I left the she-wolf upstairs to finish the job. I descended the stairs in trepidation, knowing the small talk I would have to make and the comments I’d hear that I’d have to bite my tongue to. I entered the lounge slowly, trying to avoid being seen which in itself is quite difficult in 16×12 foot room. One foot was inside the door when it hit me – like a thunderbolt from Thor himself. Before I knew it, rather than sitting to watch whichever terrible TV show was on, I found myself saying ‘O I’m just popping out for a run, it’s what I usually do on Tuesday’s’. to be clear it was the first time I ever ran on a Tuesday night!

Once I returned the realisation hit me, I had enjoyed running in the evening and even though it was -1 Celsius I felt pretty good about myself.

That was it, the miserableness of another had forced me out of my home to do something positive! I would guess that if I’d just tried to run at weekends then by mid-February I would have given it up purely because weekends with the cub are really busy, whereas weeknights are not. In fact now I look forward to a cheeky 5k after the cub is in his den and I do look so good in my luminous running jacket!

I would thank the relative in person, but let’s hope there isn’t another visit. Between her and my pal at work they had started the running of the wolf……

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