All the Gear

It’s this week! My first goal, the Virgin Sport British 10k is this Sunday! Going back to January when I signed up it seemed so far in the future, but it’s here already. My race number and timing chip are ready to go. I have to be in Piccadilly at 8.30am on Sunday morning – which does sound rudely early, but the thought of running in that large a group of people does sound quite exciting and hopefully will inspire some extra speed out of me. I had hoped to finish in less than an hour and while my training has gone well (apart from the odd knee problem), my weight is plateauing and I’m struggling to get any faster than 29-30 minutes for 5k. With that in mind I’d guess that running double the distance will put me above the 1 hour mark. It’s only a small disappointment, as the fact I’m going to be able to complete 10k shows how far I’ve come with my training in 6 months.

All I’m thinking about now is what’s needed on the day. I’m very much in the ‘all the gear, no idea’ camp, so I have bought myself a flipbelt – which I’m assured by their website will carry my iphone, keys, cards and wallet, while not rubbing on my still too large tummy. I hope that’s right as I really don’t want what appear to be carpet burns around my waist on Monday morning!

I have been taking a lot of pictures with my go pro while I run and then posting to Instagram (@the_right_wolf_runs if you’re interested). I’m using the smallest one, the go pro hero. The camera has no screen so it’s quite fun once you get home to see what you’ve managed to get a pic of while you’re jogging along. For Sunday, in order to make it easier to snap on the go I am a now the proud owner of a hand mount which you wear like a glove. I’m really not sure how I’ll look wearing that – perhaps like a chubby, underdressed Iron Man, but with the run going past a lot of London landmarks I’m hoping to get some good pics without slowing myself down. Ha! If only the pics were the only thing slowing me down!

With this being the British 10k I have of course dug out a Team GB shirt to run in, I do also have matching head and wrist sweatbands – which I simply have to wear, my inner Olympian (though still trapped in a fat suit) tells me so!


With all my kit sorted the next question is what to eat in preparation for the run. I’m really not sure on this one, there are a lot of contradictory articles on running websites on the best way to prepare, it’s hardly a marathon so I guess maybe porridge in the morning and something with potatoes or pasta on Saturday night. I have found during training that going to bed later than 11pm has a big effect on my pace – in a bad way. That is so annoying as I’m much more a night person than a morning one. So for me more sleep is likely to be more important than what I eat – assuming I avoid a full English on Sunday morning!

My she wolf is leaving me to babysit the cub on Saturday night, turns out that this 10k is an excellent excuse not to go to a ball at the little chap’s school (result). Once putting him to bed at 8pm I shall take the chance to watch a film (probably Rogue One again!) and put myself to bed for 10pm. Let’s hope that’s enough to get me around the course and also to enjoy it! Fingers crossed!

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