Happy New Gear!

Santa was kind to me this year. After many years of not really having any Christmas present ideas for myself (cos I’m an impulse buyer and buy everything I see), this year I had plenty of lovely running things to put on my list. Now that I’ve had the chance to get out on the road wearing the stuff here are a couple of short reviews.

Stance running socks

I LOVE these socks. I must admit the only reason these went on the wish list was because Stance has so many nerdy designs in regular socks. After a bit of investigation I discovered they also have a range of Stance Star Wars run socks at what they describe as crew height – about mid calf, depending on your height I suppose. Previous to getting these I had been running only in lower than ankle height Wright Socks. These Stance socks have completely won me over. I Didn’t really consider that the height of the sock would make them more comfortable, while also not suffering from the socks riding down as I run – as the Wright Socks do. Also the way they are constructed does feel like they are holding your feet and giving some support, which works for me. They aren’t cheap (are any running socks?) at £15 per pair but they are very comfortable, have some reflective material for night running (tiny so don’t forget your LED arm bands) and also seem made to last – but time will tell on that. I’ll be on the look out for new nerdy designs as I now own all the Star Wars designs!


Under Armour Reactor running leggings

In the summer I run in Nike 2-in-1 shorts, comfortable and convenient as

  1. You don’t need any ‘special’ sports underwear
  2. The inner part of the shorts is about cycling short length, so keeps that groin toasty!

Now once the weather chills off – going below say 10 degrees I switch to running leggings to stay warm. The only thing with the leggings I have is that they need underwear underneath, which is annoying as once you’re running I spend all my time adjusting and fishing the underwear out of my backside! Finally I have the solution with these Under Armour leggings which I discovered on a particularly slow work day. These leggings have solved my underwear woes, they have……drum roll please built in briefs! Or as I like to refer to it – double gusset. I am so pleased with these leggings as they make cold weather running much more comfortable, with far less time is spent adjusting myself (stopping me looking like I’m doing a silly dance as I run). The sizing might run a tad small, they are snug (I guess they are meant to be) but they is really good movement in them and they seem to keep a nice steady temperature. The only downside for me is on the calf there’s a section more like a mesh which you can see your legs through, It’s not a massive area (just calf) but I’d prefer total coverage – might feel different about that when slimmer! All in all I am very pleased with them and have already ordered two more pairs.


Running Jacket

This Jacket is one I found on Amazon, it’s not any brand I’d heard of but was very well reviewed. There isn’t too much to say about a running jacket, but I would say this one is extremely high visibility – the she-wolf told me it was making her eyes hurt when I wore it for the first time! I’m not entirely convinced it was designed as a running jacket as it’s noticeably heavier than my Ronhill one. Also comparing to my Ronhill jacket this one has less pockets and the arms aren’t removable, however my Ronhill isn’t really waterproof where I think this one is. For colder, darker and wetter nights this will be a go to jacket whereas the Ronhill jacket is good for slightly warmer temperatures and can be worn sleeveless which is handy when you want to be seen on spring and autumn evenings. All that said, I cannot understate the hi-viziness of it, the picture on the right was taken at the same time but without the lights on. Very bright once the camera flash hit it, just like car headlights.

I am also considering some new shoes, I am fighting with the shopping demon inside! So far I have resisted, but I think I might NEED some waterproof trail shoes, looking at Brooks Adrenaline ASR – should I buy you’ll be the first to know!


The right wolf is a recovering shopaholic, if you see him in Runners Need, SweatShop or Run and Become do not approach him, but please call his wife immediately.

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